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Exhaust Manifold
Product Name Exhaust Manifold
Material Ductile Cast Iron(SiMo)
Weight 3~10kg
Car manufacturers

Exhaust Manifold : ttached to the cylinder head, enables burnt gases to leave freely from the cylinders of an internal combustion engine through the remaining exhaust system to which the opposite side attached.

Cylinder Block
Product Name Cylinder Block
Material Gray Cast Iron
Weight 20~60kg
Car manufacturers

Cylinder Block : Casting which powers the vehicle and forms the main body of the engine.
Discipates heat generated during combustion of fuel.
And can be either transverse or longitudanul.

Crank Shaft
Product Name Crank Shaft
Material Ductile Cast Iron
Weight 6~20kg
Car manufacturers

Crank Shaft : Casting which connected via con roads to the pistons in the engine cylinders,
translates power through drive shafts to the wheel hubs.

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